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Message TV Pakistan Is a channel television streaming online on internet and free. The first web bsaed HD Asian channel. Islam, politics, news, views, talk shows, documentaries, short stories, lectures, seminars and speeches. 
“Message TV Ltd.” has been set up to promote the following:
1. Authentic interpretation of the Qur`an, the Final Revelation of Allah (in conjunction with the previous scriptures) 
2. Authentic explanation of Hadīth (sayings) and Sunnah (practice) of the Last Messenger of Islam, compared with Bid’aat (innovations) 
3. Authentic exposition of Fiq’h (Jurisprudence of Islamic Sharī’ah) 
4. Status of Sahabah (companions) and Ahl al Bait (members of the household) of the Last Messenger and their mutual love through authentic sources 
5. Finality of the Messengership of Prophet Muhammad sallal laahu ‘alayhi wa sallam (salutations and peace from God be upon him) 
6. True status of the Friends (awliyaa) of Allah and their real message compared with the prevalent un-Islamic customs and rituals 
7. Role of Women in Islam with special emphasis on Hayaa (modesty), Hijaab (segregation) and Jilbaab (covering) and the activities of life 
8. Special emphasis on new generation with reference to education, literature, career, arts, sports, entertainment etc. 
9. Islamic Way of Life in conjunction with moral, political, economic, social, public and private issues 
10. Guidance of Ulama (scholars) and Mashaa`ikh (spiritual guides) of Truth in every aspect of the programmes will be obtained. We need the support of the Muslim Ummah worldwide to prepare for the accountability on the Day of Judgment.
More info about program guide and shows can be found on The Message TV Website. Message TV Stream is not hosted by our site, it is provided by the tv station itself. So please wait to connect to Message TV broadcast. Message TV Channel can be offline sometimes. Or if you cannot watch Message TV please leave a message in comment box below.
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Is it not on TV?
Means can't we watch it on TV?
If it is ,plz make it available in India

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